What the LORD requires of us is this:
To do justly, love mercy,
and walk humbly with our God.
(Micah 6.8)


Mission is just as important as worshiping God, because we are called by God not merely to be believing people, but also to be daring, caring and sharing. In fact, the word mission comes from a word which means ‘to send’.

We believe that a church that doesn’t serve its community isn’t fully or truly a church of God.

Here are a few of the things we at St James’s have been doing:

Helping our neighbours

  • Providing vouchers at Christmas for needy families identified by local schools, and gifts for their children. (one Christmas recently we were able to provide 50 vouchers and 107 gifts.)

  • Opening the church on Christmas Day for a soup kitchen and open house, with the eager support of the Old Enfield Charitable Trust for providing food, company and holiday cheer for the homeless, the elderly and those on their own.

  • Raising funds in the autumn at Harvest for the North Enfield Foodbank, and for other charities.

Presence and engagement​

  • Singing Christmas carols in a local supermarket to bring a bit of Christmas cheer to shoppers, and also to raise funds for our mission fund


Carolling at a local supermarket, to benefit the Mission Fund at Christmas

We have a five-year plan for the growth of our community and our involvement in it.

We’ve highlighted five main points:

  1. Developing our Young Church

  2. Deepening our relationships with the schools in our parish (thirteen in total). More is said on our page Children growing in faith.

  3. Strengthening our connection with youth work in the community.

  4. Serving the older generation

  5. Launching a new congregation within the parish


We are committed to alleviate hardship and suffering, both near and far, and to this end:

We’re excited about the potential this could have, not merely for the church, but for the communities of Brimsdown and Enfield Highway.

How would you like to play a part?  Let us know on our contact page.