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Archive of Church Records

The parish church at St James’s holds records of baptisms, weddings and burials from the last several decades:

  • Baptisms (christenings) since October 1951

  • Weddings since March 1955

  • Burials in St James’s Churchyard since May 1957


Note that a fire in 1967 at St James’s resulted in some of our records being destroyed; our archives are as complete as possible, and most certainly complete since 1967.


If you would like information from our records, please contact Marian Jacobs, our Parish Administrator via email:


(Please note that searches in our archives will incur a statutory fee, set by the Church of England and ratified by Parliament. The fee for 2023 is £34 per search, including a written certificate.)

The information I’m looking for pre-dates this—what do I do?

If you would like information about

  • Baptisms (christenings) at St James’s from 1834 to October 1951;

  • Baptisms (christenings) at the Royal Small Arms Factory Chapel from October 1886 to 1986;

  • Baptisms (christenings) at St George’s Mission Church from September 1886 to September 1900;

  • Marriages at St James’s from 1845 to March 1955; and

  • Burials in St James’s Churchyard from May 1834 to May 1957;

these records are all kept at the

London Metropolitan Archives Library

40 Northampton Road
London EC1R 0HB
Tel 020 7332 3820

Click here for the webpage about its Religion Collection, including parish records.

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