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About Us

As the parish church in Brimsdown and Enfield Highway, St James’s is a lively church in a lively part of North London. We celebrate our diversity through our cultures, traditions, and generations. We exist to worship and give glory to God, and then demonstrate God’s love by serving in our neighbourhoods and in our world


We seek to joyfully share our faith with all whom we encounter. We want to speak welcomingly of Christ’s love to our community, in a practical and relevant way.  We’re talking real faith for real people.


We believe that all have a part to play in our common life, and seek through friendship, fellowship, care and prayer to shine the light and love of Christ in every possible situation.


It is our calling to joyfully serve others, locally and in the wider world, working for justice and peace. The church is here to help people mould their whole lives to God’s love, to grow in wisdom and boldness, and to share that love with the world around.

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