A church that prays together, stays together.

When we, as a family of Christians, gather together we worship, we pray for:

  • The world and all of creation

  • God’s church

  • Our parish in Brimsdown and Enfield Highway

    • The people who live in our neighbourhoods (focussing on several streets in the parish each week)

    • Schools, organisations and institutions in the community

    • The many ministries in which our faith family serves at church

  • Those who are suffering in body, mind or spirit

  • Those who have died and have entered that larger life with God

Praying throughout the day in the Church of England

Much of the rhythm of prayer is something very ancient, passed down through the centuries.  In monasteries and convents, in which people devoted themselves to a life of prayer, Christians would come together to pray at several times during the day:

  • before sunrise,

  • mid-morning,

  • at noontime,

  • in the afternoon,

  • at dusk, and

  • just before bedtime.

These prayer times, called ‘hours’ or ‘offices’, structured the day.

In the Church of England, these Offices or Hours of prayer continue their legacy in:

  • Morning Prayer (traditionally called ‘Matins’),

  • Prayer during the Day (the hours of ‘Terce’, ‘Sext’ and ‘None’

  • Evening Prayer (traditionally called ‘Vespers’) and

  • Night Prayer (also called ‘Compline’).

Each have special prayers appropriate for the time of day as well as the time of year, readings from the Bible, including the psalms (the ‘songbook’ of the Jewish and Christian faiths), and space to pray for the world.

Below are links to the ‘Daily Offices’ of the Church of England, which change every day, if you would like some structure to your prayers:

Prayer and Healing ministry at St James’s

We have a group at St James’s committed to the power of prayer to transform, to bring comfort and relief, dedicated to praying especially for those in urgent circumstances.

St James’s also has a team dedicated to focussed and prayerful healing ministry, which is available at the 10am worship service on the last Sunday of the month.  When that last Sunday of the month is a fifth Sunday, the healing ministry replaces the intercessory prayers, and added ministry of anointing by the clergy and accompanied by the prayers of our healing ministry team.

Prayer Request

If you would welcome prayer for yourself or someone you know, please let us know via the contact form.